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Improving Your Vocal Range

 Vocal Range pic
Vocal Range
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Improving vocal range often begins with finding out what your current range is. To do this, start at middle C. From this point, sing each semitone down until your are no longer capable of clearly and comfortably hitting the notes. This determines the lowest note of your current vocal range. For the uppermost note, follow this same procedure, but sing each semitone up from a middle C.

Once you know your vocal range, you can begin expanding your range. This can be done through various exercises that work your chest voice, or “talking” voice, and head voice, the voice produced by shortening the vocal chords. Head voice octaves are a great exercise for improving your awareness of different registers, while octave arpeggio scales increase your vocal power. Compressed grunts also benefit vocal range by promoting higher and stronger tones.

Throughout this process, you must make sure you maintain the proper singing technique. When using the right technique, your larynx is low, your jaw is relaxed, and your tongue rests at the top of your bottom teeth. Doing this ensures you maintain proper airflow while singing various notes and it prevents your throat from becoming damaged. Further, you must work on improving your vocal range gradually and be cautious about pushing your voice to new levels too quickly.